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notes from sunday night teevee

Three things I can't believe:

  1. I can't believe they killed off the Lone Gunmen! When the end is near, people do stupid things.

  2. I can't believe how lame the Simpsons have become. A half hour of repurposed clips ending with a taunting song about how they'll never go away? I'd rather see them all die in a cloud of bioluminescent shark hoo-ha than have to suffer through another season of aggressively bad, tauntingly stupid, Simpsons episodes. I'm reminded of a short blip from better times: newsman Kent Brockman says, "meet a man who's been hiccuping for 45 years," and they cut to a man saying: "*hic* Kill me! *hic* Kill me!" That's the Simpsons now. Kill them. Quickly. It's the only humane thing left.

  3. I can't believe I waste my time thinking about shit like this.

{ 5:21pm }



» o h m y g o d!

i hate the could they have done this? it's so wrong in so many ways. we've endured years of crap to have them kill off the lone gunmen in the last few episodes!


– heather  { 4.22.02 @ 5:44pm }

» ever since david duchovny left, it's been downhill... i loved david duchovny. he worked well with whatshername.

jenfer  { 4.22.02 @ 6:39pm }

» how much ya wanna bet they give "Jimmy" and "Lois" a spin-off?

in addition to the injustice, the episode itself was utter dreck. i'm furious.

mirla  { 4.22.02 @ 9:05pm }

» Injustice! What I'd give to have the Gunmen kill off that evil guy from the terminator movies instead...

Si  { 4.22.02 @ 9:29pm }

» So I shouldn't buy satelite here in South Africa just to watch the X-Files wrap up shows?


Then again, if I don't see them I will never reaaaallly know...

– Paul Watson  { 4.23.02 @ 4:23am }

» need salvation? here's your answer.

sandor  { 4.23.02 @ 10:01am }

» Hey Sandor - Been there, done that. But I believe in moderation in all things - even moderation. ;-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 4.23.02 @ 11:24am }

» As sad as the demise of The Simpsons is, it's not like they didn't warn us. (waaaaaaay down at the end)

– Alan  { 4.23.02 @ 1:49pm }

» oh, right. i remember that. this is my first year trying. there's a big masking tape-d X on the front of my t.v., in case i forget. my tivo must be getting lonely...

sandor  { 4.23.02 @ 3:53pm }

» Hey, the medical pot episode was divine!

Do not speak ill of the yellow skinned ones.

– Halcyon  { 4.24.02 @ 4:56pm }

» I think the "we will never go away" bit was a satire piece, as Fox is cancelling *all* of the remotely amusing shows on it's network.

I think the Simpsons themselves said it best awhile back with:

"It's amazing how Fox has turned into a hardcore porn channel so fast."

christian  { 4.27.02 @ 11:28am }


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