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it's here

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Big hairy geek that I am, I'm ecstatic. Woo hoo!

{ 3:50pm }



» you bought it just for the sheet of stickers, right?

(: suddenly my Cube seems inadequate.

.sara  { 5.23.02 @ 4:11pm }

» It's. So. Big.

Nice purchase, man. I thought it would never arrive.

merlin  { 5.23.02 @ 4:13pm }

» i think i need to find a mac widow's support group...

– heather  { 5.23.02 @ 4:23pm }

» very nice.


– morris powazek  { 5.23.02 @ 5:24pm }

» Now all you need is a high definition cinema display. Shop. Splurge. Go crazy. Get (or stay) in debt. It's fun.

Elisha  { 5.23.02 @ 8:40pm }

» verrrrry ... nice.


Man.. that was pretty quick, huh?

– Kevin-John  { 5.23.02 @ 10:46pm }

» Waaah. I want one too. Severe purchase envy!

Caroline  { 5.24.02 @ 12:47am }

» My Cube's holding its own... but Derek, congrats! That's a sweet setup.

The 23" HD Cinema Display is calling your credit card's name....

Paul  { 5.24.02 @ 5:39am }

» heather,

hey, my wife says stuff like that all the time! when i got my tangerine imac (woo!) she said that if it had a special port in the back i wouldn't need her. is that bad? maybe you should start such a group up?

'course now that she's doing more work on it, it's me who's stuck on the couch missing being with her. we're talking about getting another comp.. maybe then we can pretend to be working together. do i pick up a derek special or a portable tho?



mat  { 5.24.02 @ 5:53am }

» derek,

nice snapshot. want to take one for my page now ( i'm currently doing a redesign, but i keep getting submissions all the time!

how's os x? you enjoying it?

have a great day,


mat  { 5.24.02 @ 5:53am }

» Only *one* monitor??!

Seriously, congrats. But repeat after me: it's only a tool. It's only a tool... It's what you do with it that really counts! -grin

I'm still holding tightly to my 8600 (only because it has all the audio/etc. inputs). Of course, we are a four Mac family so I can work faster if I need to.

Jeff  { 5.24.02 @ 5:56am }

» Being that I already have a G4, I'm more envious of the big table you have. All my stuff is currently teetering on a tiny computer desk at the moment. Luckily, when I move next week, the desk will be tossed aside in some manner (donated to a thrift store most likely) and I shall search for a nice big sturdy table.

You will love your new toys!

Stef Noble  { 5.24.02 @ 7:30am }

» Stef -- It's a door. ;-)

Derek  { 5.24.02 @ 9:47am }

» mmmmmm...

geno  { 5.24.02 @ 9:49am }

» Derek, I am so happy for you. I am sure this is even a more special moment for you.

It sounds like Heather may need some attention now too (I am sure Heather is saying this, but we know you are reading here).

vanderwal  { 5.24.02 @ 11:53am }

» i've been waving a red herring... i'm thrilled that he's got a new machine. i should have taped the happy whooping sounds yesterday... it would be an ideal mac add. camera trained on closed door with happy whooping noises eminating from the other side. beats the darker sounds when crashing ensues.

– heather  { 5.24.02 @ 12:20pm }

» h,

hehe.. boom. i love it when my machine crashes out. i get to figure out how to fix it and what's wrong! neato.


mat  { 5.24.02 @ 12:32pm }

» Time to start accumulating all of the essential OS X apps.

If you have a blogger api complient backend BlogApp is a must ( )

BBEdit is my saviour as well ( )

Watson is great too, search for it at

– d  { 5.24.02 @ 3:00pm }

» I just got airport. My mac is cooler than yours. :)

Ben Brown  { 5.25.02 @ 12:49pm }

» Yeah, you ain't LIVED until you've been sitting around with Airport + PowerBook + DSL. It's all about wirelessly building the Net in realtime on your bed. Or on the porch. Or whereever.

Ah, if only the quality of our output were directly proportionate to the quality of our machines! I keep expecting to see a giant jump in my productivity whenever I land some new toys, but I really only see those exponential gains whenever I get an exponential increase in free time. Which is, like, never. Oh, to be a college professor and get a three-month weekend every year... ;)

She's a beaut, Derek. Can't wait to see what you do with 'er. Now that you've got that much power at your disposal, what do you plan to do with it? (Fray in real time! Complete immersive experience! Total 4-D interactivity! Ar, ar, ar!)

Geoff  { 5.25.02 @ 6:22pm }

» bastard. :p

– ben  { 5.26.02 @ 11:06pm }

» Man, now I can't even rag on you for not using a REAL operating system.

Even if it looks like a pile of fruit gums.

– Christian  { 5.28.02 @ 1:18am }

» Sweet! I can only dream of one of those. For now anyway. . .

Kamilah  { 5.29.02 @ 12:15am }


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