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Are you a San Francisco Stories reader? If so, I have a favor to ask. I'm compiling an anthology of the stories for a project, but I can't use them all. And since I wrote them, I'm not a very good judge. So you tell me: Which SF Stories are must-haves?


Post the titles of your favorite San Francisco Stories below. And thanks!

{ 9:25pm }



» If you can use it, the one from (fray) - "The nicest person in San Francsico".

It's weird looking back at these - I've been reading sfstories since 1999, almost since the start of it.

On to my favourites -

stories from the park
his name is johnny
muni magic trick
how I became a cold-blooded killer
a halloween of good and evil
mom and dad, this is Josie's
object of their affection
the relativity of gravity
40 ouncers and sushi

tomcosgrave  { 6.25.02 @ 1:58am }

» Hmm...I've read all of these stories and I remember when you launched the site... however, I've got to say, "America Dreaming" is one of my favourites so far.

It struck a personal chord inside; especially the part about the stories that people can tell if you just listen to them...

A.  { 6.25.02 @ 8:55am }

» Tom: Using 'nicest' would kind of be cheating since it is a (fray) story. ('Nicest' is a once-in-a-lifetime tale.)

Derek: This is a hard choice because I really like them all. Having to choose, I pick:

casa carmelita - for the melancholy

using my hands - because i can really see the studio and feel the clay

40 ouncers and sushi - because i went there when my friend was living on the haight. a great experience.

christopher  { 6.25.02 @ 9:58am }

» SF Stories was actually my gateway to weblogs (by way of your links). I found it while hunting for info before my first trip to SF in 1999. So all the SF stories hold a special place in my heart. But I would have to say that if I had to pick a few they would be:

- Twenty Five Cents & Counting
- Muni Magic Trick (I was in the City when this story took place :-) )
- Casa Carmelita
- A Brand New San Franciso
- A Haloween of Good & Evil
- 40 ouncers and sushi

Each of these stories reminds me certian quintessential aspects of SF that I have experienced. They are stories that I recall whenever I'm thinking about the City (which is often).

– Jim Wegman  { 6.25.02 @ 10:23am }

» my all time favorite story is "casa carmelita" -- other loves include "his name is johnny" and "stories from the park"

good fortune to you!

– danica  { 6.25.02 @ 11:47am }

» -stories from the park
-fred found his spot
-casa carmelita
-saving gelatinous spooge
-how I became a cold-blooded killer
-a brand new jar of pickles

those would be my picks.

– heather  { 6.25.02 @ 3:36pm }

» I liked the one about going for the Amazon research group, and the latest one about the Transylvanian guy. Maybe you should give them more Friendsesque titles so people like me can remember them correctly.

– lopez  { 6.25.02 @ 4:18pm }

» of course, my favorite story is:
but, dad, my apartment is on fire! what a visit
that was. what happened to the story of how you lost my BMW in san francisco? that was

– morris powazek  { 6.25.02 @ 6:57pm }

» Wow! I have so many favorites:

But, Dad, my apt is on fire!
How I became a cold-blooded killer (which I think may be the funniest SFstory *ever*)
a brand new San Francisco
Casa Carmelita
Laundry day
25 cents and counting
Stories from the park
Generations (but I'm biased on that one ;)

– sondra  { 6.26.02 @ 11:52am }

» I liked Laundry Day...not sure why; maybe it was the empathy I felt. Maybe it was the sense of purpose that it gave me as I explored several GAP stores looking for grey pants. Or maybe it was the English teacher in me, when I realized that you had created a perfect example of an autobiographical incident essay that I could share with some of my 7th graders who were hanging around after school.

I really liked Casa Carmelita, too.
Your biggest fan...

– Momma  { 6.26.02 @ 4:40pm }

» Why can't you put them all in?
Oh, well all right. I say definitely these ones:

mom and dad, this is Josie's
a brand new jar of pickles
but, dad, my apartment is on fire!
thank goodness for street cleaning
saving gelatinous spooge
looking down a forgotten street
a brand new san francisco
casa carmelita
fred found his spot
his name is johnny
laundry day
stories from the park

13, a lovely dinner party of stories.

Dinah  { 6.26.02 @ 7:39pm }

» Muni Magic Trick. Far and away my favorite. :)

Geoffrey  { 6.30.02 @ 10:23pm }

» casa carmelita seems to have hit the groove. that was definitely one of my own favourites.

then there was the one about when you first came to san francisco and were running around market street going nuts worrying about getting back to berkeley and your dad. i don't remember what that was called, but it was my vote for the best.

(hi, just breezing through. you seem attached to this layout, which is really cool - i found my own i'm-stuck-to-it-like-mucilage design too. )

Demi Monde  { 7.1.02 @ 1:19am }


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