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new in sf stories

Two white {fray} shirts, out of print. One black "tell me a story" {fray} shirt and one black Fray Day 5 shirt, also out of print. A half dozen of my favorite undies that I bought in London, irreplaceable. All my favorite socks. Two pairs of jeans and my favorite gray slacks, the ones Gap doesn't make anymore. Several sweaters, including the black v-neck I bought in Amsterdam that traveled the world with me. All gone.

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happy birthday september

A great story from my new favorite site: "My sister's name is September, and today is her 32nd birthday. Yes, that's right. My parents named my sister September even though she was born in January, and she has consequently suffered years of obvious questions. Of course, these are the same people who named their only son Ranger." The best true stories read like fiction.

{ 5:41pm }

justin and the travel bug

If you're not reading Justin's adventures in Japan, you're missing some amazing (and disturbing) stories (and photos)! I've been reading about Justin's life on his site, off and on, for six years now. In this era where it seems like nobody reads anything past the third graf, it's nice to have a few digital connections that last long enough to watch someone grow.

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snow day

I love that after six years of living here, San Francisco can still surprise me.

{ 3:34pm }

vote gremlin

Speaking of David Chien, his fantastic visual storytelling site, The Story Of ..., is a finalist in the "Animation/Cartoon" category of the SXSW Web Awards! So why not throw a vote his way? The site rocks. I've been a fan since way back.

{ 12:02pm }

new in {fray}

"I'll probably even tell this story at his wedding ... with one exception. I won't tell the real ending."

Tony and I by Chris Livingston.

With special thanks (and my extreme gratitude) to David Chien who illustrated and designed this story.

{ 2:53am }


shouting out to eric rice

Last night at my book dealie (which you so wish you'd gone to because it was so cool, what with all the loud, pulsating music and dancing girls, and it was free, even, so, really, you wish you'd been there) I finally got to meet Eric Rice who was one of {fray}'s first contributors way back in the day, and also recently contributed again. And even though I'm usually suspicious of people who's last name is just an anagram of their first name, I took to him immediately.

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spoo likes our new couch

spoocouch (16k image)

{ 4:04pm }

thirteen screens

The strange thing about looking for work is the act of compressing the past. I just smooshed six months of working, living, hoping, and designing into two paragraphs and thirteen screenshots. History is to the victors as case studies are to the unemployed.

{ 3:52pm }

dfc live

So. I'll see you tomorrow, right?

{ 12:06am }


no more comments

I'm taking a break from allowing comments here in my personal log.

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you're still young, there's time

16 FEB 2000: "Derek, you don't even know how to do a friggin email link."

19 JAN 2002: "New feature: Spam-free MailTo for Radio weblogs."

No comment.

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2001: a year of stories

{fray}'s latest story, 2001: a year of stories2001: A Year of Stories, was a massive collaboration between 12 authors. Since then, the posting area has turned into a worldwide storytelling jam of real people telling stories from the last year. And it's not too late to tell your story: How was your 2001?

Also, I finally got around to making a button for the story (see above). Feel free to download the image and place it on your server, linking to the story, to help spread the word. Thanks!

{ 1:00pm }


two months and counting

As of today, it's been two months since I smoked a cigarette. And the truth is, I miss it like you miss an old lover, when nostalgia and loneliness gently gloss over all the annoying things (smelling bad, coughing all the time, bronchitis), leaving only the good parts. Remember when it was just you and me? Remember the good times we had?

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la la laaa laaaa

I can't tell you how much I hate the new Talk of the Nation theme song. It sounds like a high school band warming up on a cold morning. Slowly.

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fun with spam

Long ago, I created the email address "oyvey (at) kvetch (dot) com" over at Kvetch! as the general email address. Seemed appropriate somehow. Little did I know it would lead me to someday getting spam with personalized subject lines: "Oyvey, do we have your money?"

{ 10:36am }


snarky much?

This is why I shouldn't send email after 10pm:

    Q: From your perspective, what do you like least about the new media industry at present?

    A: You mean, besides the fact that me and all of my friends are out of work?

{ 9:20pm }


paging doctor freud

I woke up this morning with the phrase "porcupine babysitter" in my head. I think I was writing haiku in my sleep. The question is, what was the line before and after?

{ 4:26pm }

powazek live

Attention fellow Northern Californians: Please join me at two upcoming appearances!

1: Book launch event!
I'll be reading from Design for Community, giving a short talk, and answering questions at this intimate event. Come early for a chance to win a copy of the book! Attendance is free!
When: Wednesday, January 23, 6pm.
Where: SFSU Oakland Multimedia Center: 2201 Broadway at 22nd in Downtown Oakland. (Directions.)

2: eNarrative 3: Hypertext, Narrative, Flash, Time.
I'll be participating in what looks like it's going to be a wonderful weekend-long discussion.
When: Saturday and Sunday, January 19+20, 10am.
Where: The Canterbury Hotel: 750 Sutter Street in San Francisco. (Directions.)

I hope to see you there!

{ 3:16pm }


haight street pencam

lilguy (26k image)
Found art

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opt out

A great collection of opt out cookie links: Click them all!

{ 10:03pm }


the ben brown show

Unemployment makes people do strange things.

{ 2:17pm }

got work?

So today I just updated my resume for the first time since I created it in 1997. In all that time, I just never needed to.

Now, I do.

{ 1:48am }


turd on a stick

So all that hype, all week of baiting from Apple and rumors galore, and what do we get? iPhoto and a new iMac. Sigh.

iPhoto is nifty, sure. I haven't played with it yet (and, of course, I can't because I'm on OS9.2), but I've been taking digital photos since 1997 and sure could use a good way to organize them. If it does as well with images as iTunes does with mp3s, it could be really cool. But then, only people with OSX will know for sure. A shame, too, because if Apple would release these apps to the Windows World, we might just win some converts.

Then there's the new iMac. Can I be honest here? I think it looks like a turd on a stick. I can't wait to see the case mods. And if the point was really to create a Digital Hub, why are the ports hidden in the back of the machine, where you have to bend over your desk to get to them? Why not place them proudly in front? Why make a hub that is embarrassed of its hub-ness?

Then again, I thought the first iMac was a dog, and I actually liked the Cube, so what do I know.

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falling flat

Ah. So. That's it. Hmn.

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good news for writers

After a two year hiatus, {fray} contributor Alex Massie is reviving afterDinner, a much-beloved repository of personal narrative. Turns out she had two hundred submissions that have only now been unearthed due to an email bug.

Welcome back, Alex! You've been missed. But the real question is, are you going to start accepting submissions again?

{ 2:08pm }

look out austin

Look out, Austin! Fray Cafe is coming back. If you missed last year, it was a hell of a night. Don't miss it this year. We'll be going strong on Sunday, March 10, back at Ruta Maya. I hope to see you there!

{ 12:18am }


me and the lemur

This is the most fun I've had in an interview in a long time. Be sure to check out the rest, too!

{ 11:38am }


and yet, I'm still excited

Repeat after me: It's a fake. It must be a fake. It's got to be a fake....

The Apple hype machine has been cranked up to 11 this week, sending my fellow devotees into a frenzy. What will the new announcements be? A flat-panel, removable screen, iMac? Blazing fast Gigawire? A (gasp) updated Newton?

I've got to admit, all the speculation is a lot of fun. Personally, I'm expecting the iFloatingCar on Monday. Are you listening, Steve? iFloatingCar!

{ 11:55pm }


As if my guilt over missing out on NaNoWriMo wasn't bad enough, these two fuckers have started JaNoWriMo! Damn you, Seemann! How much guilt can one guy handle?

It's all okay, though. Because, like Luke, I would have done just about anything to get Greg writing again. And what he's writing, so far, is just amazing.

{ 9:36pm }


january one

Rabbit rabbit!

{ 7:03pm }

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