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the last word

Jeffrey Zeldman: the shrieking man.

{ 11:46am }

happy birthday heather!

It's Heather's birthday today! I bet she'd like a card or two. (Mail 'em to heather at jezebel dot com.)

{ 10:08am }


one nomination can ruin your whole day

Have you heard? {fray} has been nominated for a Webby Award in two categories: personal and community.

And I'm happy about that. Or, at least, I will be, once the cacophony dies down.

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new in {fray}

"He came to town with a guitar, lightning quick wit, and hair down around his shoulders."

Mary T. Helmes is real.

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attention chicago

My friend SallyAnn has stories she wants to tell you. But to get them, you've gotta meet her on a streetcorner in Chicago on Friday. And you've gotta bring an IR-enabled PDA (like a Palm). Just saddle up to the excited-looking girl on the corner and "beam me." She'll be beaming out a multi-part story this Friday and every Friday at noon on the northeast corner Clark and Monroe.

Tell her I sentcha!

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vengeful television gods

So yesterday I declare that I will be turning off my tv for a week. Then today I get this in the mail.

"Just wanted to give you a heads-up that Tiffany Shlain *might* be mentioning Fray.Com on Good Morning America at 8:30am tomorrow, Tuesday April 24th, as part of her Internet Segment. Tune in to ABC to catch the story."

I have obviously angered the tv gods.

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people not products

"I'm not a magazine or a newpaper, or any other kind of product. I don't have a target demographic. I don't have an audience to attract or appeal to. I don't make anything financially from this site, and I never expected to. Just like thousands of other people across the web, I am a personal content provider, because I love it, and because I can't not write, I can't not be involved, I can't not tell stories, can't not experiment and tinker with the medium."
meg @


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one week without tv

my tv, off

Today marks the first day in a week without teevee. Wish me luck.

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fred bloomed

For those of you following the Fred saga, here are a few photos of him in full bloom.

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Last night, for some reason, I dreamed of pot. I wasn't smoking it or anything. Just fiddling with it. Not that I've ever fiddled with pot, of course.

Then this morning I wake up and I realize it's four-twenty. And all the memories came rushing back.

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voice your voice

In Autumn of 1961, Yoko Ono created a score called "Voice piece for soprano." It was:

      1. against the wind
      2. against the wall
      3. against the sky

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tick tock

I just realized that, one month from today, I'll be 28.

Twenty. Eight.

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design evolutions

I just posted a small evolution of the design of this here personal log. The idea is to be able to group all the posts from one day together. Everything look okay in all those browsers out there?

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the view from our office


The view from our office (refreshes once a minute for today only). From up here you all look like little ants!

{ 12:42pm }


speaking of birthdays

Someone has one coming up. (Don't tell her I told you!)

{ 4:41pm }

gee dee five

Happy birthday, you old dog. Here's to another year of "useless crap!"

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the weekend in pictures

moving boxes

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fred flower update

Fred the corn plant is still on his way to flowering. I hope all the chaos and dust associated with the move hasn't thrown him off balance. Here's a peek at what he looks like today.

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greetings from sunny canada

I couldn't help but giggle when I stepped off the little 737 and on to the Ottawa Airport tarmac ("YOW" is the official airport acronym) into a pile of sludge. I looked up into the night to see little streaks of white in the black sky, whipping through the lights. "My God," I said. "Is it ... snowing?"

You're not in California anymore, Dorothy.

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