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welcome home

Now that is a sight for sore eyes. Weclome home, Smug, and congratulations Leslie!

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buy this book

Congratulations to {fray} contributor Maggie Powers on the publication of her first book by the cool kids at So New Media. If you're one of the first to buy the book, you'll also get all kinds of cool shit. Buy one today!

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local linkage

Two new links from the SF Stories city links page:

Flavorpill SF: A weekly guide to SF arts and entertainment in a slick package.

Posthoc: Snarky restaurant reviews and observations of life in The City.

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two great tastes, together at last

Happiness is a Diesel Sweeties / Exploding Dog book two-pack. Spend seven bucks and support two great web artists. You'll be glad you did.

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nice guys finish

Ladies, if you avoid nice guys, you're bound to get exactly what you went looking for. [ via Blogdex, more proof of why I should never go there ]

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viva cole valley

Our 'hood on the big screen! I've never seen my street on television before. It's oddly delightful.

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fd6: many pieces make the whole

It all started with those wood type blocks. They're for sale in the little store downstairs from me. Every day I walked by them and stopped to stare. They just captivated me for some reason. Something about the cacophony of shapes, styles, and colors, coming together to make something seamless and complete.

Then it hit me.

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switch back

Ben and Ani may just make you want to switch back. (And you thought Ellen was funny....)

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lemonhead variations

Heather presents lemonhead and her many sisters.

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chester can't stop

SXSW Interactive - The Tech Report Interview with Ben Brown:

What I'd really like to see is a book about how to STOP blogging. With twelve steps. I'd really like to see groups of bloggers all over the country getting together, drinking lots of coffee and smoking lots of cigarettes while taking turns to say, "Hi, My name is Chester Phillips and I JUST CAN'T STOP BLOGGING."

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things to WRITE about

Having trouble with that {fray} submission? The Topics Blog is a weblog entirely devoted to squashing writer's block by proposing inspirational topics to spark the ol' inspiration machine. If only they had comments. Imagine the posts!

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speaking of the b-word

I was having a conversation elsewhere when the subject of weblogs came up. The question was, when was your first blog-like contribution to the web? I went digging around in the ol' archives and found this: T is for thoughts from June, 1997. Does this mean I can say I've been blogging for five years?

{ 10:35am }

and they still won't leave me alone

I'm extremely pleased to have contributed an essay to We've Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture. The folks at Perseus reprinted my essay, "What the hell is a weblog and why won't they leave me alone?", as the first essay in the book. The first one! I have to wonder what it says about weblog culture when the first essay originally came with this pained expression.

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grr ... arg....

It lives! WHEDONesque : blogging the JossVerse. Congrats to Caz and Milo and all my fellow beta testers.

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hooray for sony

At last! Remember that idea for a tivo for radio (aka rivo)? Well, it's finally here, thanks to Sony. And, oh yeah, it'll also store the audio from the last 300 CDs you listened to, too.

The unit's ability to save audio onto its hard drive is not limited to CD's, either. It can just as easily store the music on your tapes or even vinyl records, thanks to the analog and digital audio inputs on the back, or even from the built-in radio.

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coming soon

WHEDONesque - your one stop shop for news and discussion about Joss Whedon's creations (Buffy, Angel, and that other Fray), brought to you by the mightily talented Caz and Milo. Launching on Monday! Be there!

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rm -r *


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Free Will Astrology : Taurus Horoscope:

I've got a visualization exercise for you. Close your eyes and picture yourself at the zoo. Imagine that you go to the habitat where the lions are usually kept, but you find they're not there. In their place are three cows wearing orange prison jump suits. A ball and chain is handcuffed to each of their hind legs. I'd like to propose, Taurus, that this scene bears a resemblance to your current state. It seems that the overly tame and compliant aspects of yourself are on the verge of becoming even more hemmed-in and docile. I exhort you to liberate them.

{ 11:57pm }

blatant self-promotion

Hey Sara, nice mug!

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dmp in tmp

Three shots from a July 4 trip to the Exploratorium: 1, 2, 3.

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new in sf stories

"I've been watching fireworks there for years, but last night was different. And not just because it was clear." Meditations on the the slow glimmering descent in San Francisco Stories.

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new in fray

New in {fray}: "I wanted to spend the 4th with someone who always knew the way back home." Read Counting Flags by Kevin Smokler, featuring illustrations by Michael Cronin. If you like the story, check out the audio from FD5, where Kevin performed it live!

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I learned the truth at 17

Oh, wow. I grew up listening to Janis Ian. And now here she is talking about MP3s. Freaky.

I'm glad someone is finally saying this: MP3 is the new radio. Since radio has become so over-commercialized, artists had to go somewhere to connect with listeners in a free and easy way. The internet is just the place, and p2p makes it easy. Anyone who's ever discovered a new favorite musician from an MP3 knows that file trading creates CD sales. It's cool that Janis Ian is talking about it, too. The more the artists talk back to the RIAA, the more likely they'll get the message.
[ via Boing Boing ]

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dmp in inkblots

I'm thrilled to have a story in the new issue of Inkblots Magazine. Check out Muni Magic Trick, a classic San Francisco Story in a swanky new home. Shout outs to Geoffrey for producing an excellent web zine, uploaded with love, one file at a time.

{ 10:22am }

that's my baby

SXSW: Reflections on the Web with Heather Champ

Well, roosters tend to get more attention than hens, don't they? And while they strut around announcing the break of day (all day), it's really the hens that get down to business.

{ 10:13am }


journalists are not bloggers

If there's anyone out there who's still suffering under the delusion that bloggers are journalists, read this: Candor Costs Journalist Her Job. What's the difference between a blogger and a journalist? Easy: A blogger can afford to say what they really think, a journalist has to keep up the appearance of impartiality.

And that is a good thing! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If the web was constrained by the same rules as mainstream journalism, it would lose all its joy. The democracy, the personality, the rage. We have newspapers, people. The web can be so much more.

Let's all hope Rosemary Armao starts a weblog.

{ 10:56am }

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  Gaming the system: How moderation tools can backfire
Sometimes all the widgets backfire, encouraging the very behavior they're designed to avert. The rules have a dangerous side-effect: they create a game.
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  "I wanted to spend the 4th with someone who always knew the way back home."

Counting Flags by Kevin Smokler.
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  the slow glimmering descent
I've been watching fireworks there for years, but last night was different. And not just because it was clear.
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  fray day 6
Fray Day 6 is coming to cities all over the world on September 14, 2002. Come tell your story.
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