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and this was only the first night

Three things I learned in two hours at one bachelor party:

1. The "bush" in "Alaska Bush Company" refers to fauna, not floura.

2. My Santa Cruz education did not prepare me for the reality of a strip club. No one there cares if I support their right to do this as individuals.

3. Strip clubs are places completely devoid of irony, unless the four women dancing onstage to "Fools on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine knew something I didn't.

{ 4:28pm }


from the freezer to the oven

My father has this saying. "Families only get together for two things," he says, "Good Stuff and Bad Stuff."

Good Stuff means weddings, bar mitzvahs, births. Bad Stuff means illnesses, accidents, deaths.

"So when you have the opportunity to get together for the Good Stuff, take it. Next time, the occasion may not be so good."

It's good advice, even if it leads you to do stupid things. I, for example, am about to do stupid things.

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Did anybody else notice something funny about last night's final episode of Six Feet Under? Heather and I both noticed a flash, paused the trusty TiVo and backed up to find this bizarre image stuck in the middle of a scene. And the funny thing is, I believe I've seen it before.

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fd5: sf street team

Attention San Franciscans! I'm looking for volunteers to help put up Fray Day 5 SF flyers and pass out postcards in their local haunts. Want in? Just email me your name, address (so I can mail you stuff), phone number (so we can coordinate), and what part of town you'd like to hit. I'll be distributing stuff to the street team in the next few days, so email me asap if you can help. And thanks!

{ 1:41pm }

words words words

Words! Words! Words! has relaunched with more info about what they (we?) are up to. Have you bought the premier issue yet? (Psst! Mom! I'm in it!)

{ 10:44am }


oh, almost forgot

I've been saving this up for months.

Hey Adam Mathes: Bite me!

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paint the moon

This is why I love the internet.

{ 2:25am }

my name on a spine

I've always wanted to say this. Here goes....

Buy my book!

Mnn. That was good. Yeah.

{ 12:13am }


it's in louisiana

Please welcome the newest City Stories Project member site: Shreveport Stories!

{ 8:32pm }

fd5 news

Wanna help the {fray} organization print some postcards? Pretty please?

Also, will you be going to Fray Day 5? Say so!

{ 2:13am }


fresh froot

Heather picked the links over at Fresh Froot today. Go say hello!

{ 8:16pm }

still life with chihuahua

The endless parade continues:

Walking with Heather and the pups down Cole Street, a tall balding man passes us, notices the dogs, and decides, for whatever reason, to attempt to communicate with them in what he thinks is their native language.

"Yip yip yip yip!" he says.

"Man," I say to heather, "what a yappy guy."

{ 4:53pm }

claremont reflections

Claremont, the little Southern California town I grew up in, used to be known as the place the 210 ran out. If you took the 5 South through the vast sandy stretches of nothing from north to south, all you had to do is hang a left onto the 210 East and go until it ran out. That was Claremont.

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hey seattle writers, want fifty bucks?

Erik from Seattle Stories is having a contest! For the next two months, every story submitted to the site will be entered and could win fifty bucks. But here's the really cool part, in Erik's words:

Here's the deal though: if you don't feel like writing a story, but still feel like contributing to the growing, thriving, imaginative, skillfull pool of Seattle writers, you can offer to add to the pot and become a judge as well. How about it? For example, wouldn't it be cool to have a second prize, and a third prize? That could be your gift!

I totally love this idea. Check it out!

{ 11:11am }

buy yours today ... because you care

You want to buy the premier issue of Words! Words! Words! Magazine right now. And not just because it's been put together by the insanely talented Ben Brown (when does he sleep?). And not just because I have an essay in it (about writing the book - it's funny, I swear), alongside brilliant authors like Josh Allen and Maura Johnston. And not just because it's packed with good ideas, swanky prose, and stylish graphics.

You want to buy it because you care. About freedom. About justice. About America (well, New Zealand). About art and literature and words. Sweet, juicy words. Yes.

{ 10:37am }


it exists!

Congratulations! It's a book.

{ 2:24pm }

blast from the past

Jason's talking about old journals got me thinking.

I kept a journal when I was a little kid, but never very seriously. Scanning over my old web stuff, I found my oldest journal-like thing. It's a flashback from 1997, filed under "t."

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dmp on teevee part two

For anyone who missed my appearance on The Screen Savers on Monday (including everyone here in San Francisco, where the show isn't carried by local cable), TechTV has posted a video of my interview.

Amazingly, I think I look smaller on television (or maybe it's just the quicktime). And I think I wore a nervous smile the whole time. Other than that, I think I did pretty good. (Click "more" for pics!)

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dfc reborn

The book comes out in a week.

The site relaunches today.

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new pow prod server

Good news! All of the Powazek Productions sites have just moved to a swanky new server, so things should be speedier now. In fact, if you're reading this message, congratulations! You've propagated! Please let me know if you bump into any errors anywhere, okay?

{ 11:52am }


dmp on the teevee

If you get a cable channel called TechTV, and you chance to give it a glance this afternoon, you may happen upon a show called The Screen Savers, where you might just catch me babbling away, hopefully not making too much of a fool of myself.

You have been warned.

{ 12:11am }


we ain't got no car

I heartily recommend the new issue of we ain't got no car, jack saturn's personal zine. To get it, just paypal him two bucks and a few days later you'll get a beautiful hand-made, pocket-sized zine (on paper and everything) full of his stories.

{ 4:18pm }

powazek appearance tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be speaking on a panel called "What's the Magic Sauce? Creating an Active Online Community" with folks like Craig Newmark and Cliff Figallo at EpiCenter (1 Market Street) starting at 6pm. Come on down!

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