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trick ot treat

A special treat: Halloween File Pile! You can upload your own scary file from the homepage. And you may even win a prize! Boo!

{ 12:09pm }


no nyc for dmp

Zeldman said it better than I could. For anyone hoping to catch me in NYC at the end this week, I'm not going. Bummer.

{ 8:33pm }

burrito delivery dot com

Today in San Francisco there was a massive auction of Webvan's former assets. The news report I saw last night took a certain discernible glee in poking another finger in the gaping wound of the dot com bust, noting that they'd be auctioning off millions of dollars in servers, chairs, and exercise equipment.

But all is not lost, friends. Because tonight I ordered dinner for me and my sweetie at, where business is booming. And the burritos were top-notch, too.

{ 7:10pm }

and we're back

Apologies to anyone who visited yesterday to find that all the Powazek Productions sites were down. I'm told it was a problem with our "upstream provider," a phrase that always conjours up an image of someone taking a leak in a river, but maybe that's just me.

Anyway, we're back. And that's good. Thanks, mister upstream!

{ 10:46am }


strange and cool

The MTV Chronicles:

My name is Adam Curry. From 1987 to 1995 I was a VJ on MTV.... There probably isn't a single performer, band or group you can think of from the 80's and 90's that I haven't interviewed, met, encountered or hung out with. I have plenty of stories.... Some tell me I should write a book, but I don't want some editor telling me what to write, so I'm writing up all my experiences here.

It's so strange to get to read the stories of someone I spent my youth watching on television.

{ 12:17am }


and we never talked about the web, either

Geocaching is so much fun.

We never did find The Golden Great, and CityCache3 had been replaced by a lowly ziplock bag.

But the sunset over the water was stupendous, and nobody died on Dead Man's Point, so I'd call the day a success.

{ 10:24pm }


one a day

Ben Brown Is Unemployed.

(And his loss is our gain!)

{ 1:00pm }


attention los angeles

Attention Angelinos: {fray} contributor Lance Anderson is going to be hosting a very special night of stories tomorrow (Thursday) night. Read on for details.

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the big iwhoop

Why is the speculation is always so much more exciting than the reality?

Question: How can you spot the one mp3 player made just for the Mac?
Answer: Look for the most expensive one.

$400 for an optional little toy? In this economy? Sheesh.

{ 11:59am }


if i had a sportscar, it'd be black

Marrije in Holland had some nice things to say about Design for Community, even though I seem to occupy a snotty portion of her subconscious.

{ 4:33pm }


new in dfc

Lotsa new stuff over at Design for Community tonight: new excerpts, new features, new links. Go see. Shoo.

{ 1:36am }


fifteen, love

Come watch Heather and I as we go .psd to .psd in Photoshop Tennis!

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working on it

You need to get to work, young man.

{ 5:12pm }

this friday friday friday

At around noon on Friday, I'll take part in a round of Photoshop Tennis with my sweetie Heather. Tune in - it's gonna be fun.

{ 1:30pm }



God I love that drive.

Years ago, when I got my first digital camera, I immediately drove across the Bay Bridge, shooting it out the window like a lunatic. Those photos ultimatey became the framework for telling one of my dearest stories.

Sometimes this city still sings to me.

{ 10:15am }


summer is here

It's finally, finally, summer in San Francisco. Clear skies, mid-eighties, no fog in sight. There's a slight breeze in the air, everyone's in shorts and sandals, there's a jazz band playing down the street and dogs frolicking in the park. And friends. Dropping by for beers. Wandering into stores on Haight. An old Etta James CD for ten bucks. Plans for dinner and drinking.

Life, for once, for now, is good.

{ 5:57pm }


a serious rant

Why is "taking yourself too seriously" such a bad thing?

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erik is a mad genius

Mockery Bird Manifesto for Right Living:

Every page on the site now will have a purpose. And within that, each page will have the ability to grow and develop as I find myself thinking about the pages more. I will return to thoughts I've had before and develop them instead of constantly slashing together new thoughts.

Sounds like we've come full circle back to the Justin Hall way of doing things - the homepage as a living, breathing, evolving organism. A reflection of the creator. A much more nuanced thing, compared to a weblog's "new stuff on top" simplicity....

{ 2:57pm }

one month later

Can you believe it's been a month?

When the towers fell, Heather said, "This is going to change everything." I brushed it off. Thought she was just giving in to the melodrama of the moment. But she was right. It has changed everything. Even in my life, on the opposite coast, far removed from the streets of New York.

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welcome home, noah

You may not know Noah Grey, but it's his software that powers this site and many others. Noah stopped putting his words on the web in March. Since then, we've had to settle for witnessing his stories in photos (I say "settle" facetiously - his images are stunning). But now he's back with his own voice, telling his own story, in his own words.

Welcome back, Noah. The web is richer for having you in it.

{ 12:14am }



There are days when I enjoy reading more than writing, listening more than talking, watching more than performing.

Today is one of those days.

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"Then the priest said, 'Put your hands on top of your heads.' The squashes did so and discovered a peculiar thing."

{ 7:54pm }


new in dfc

Why does Yahoo encourage racist groups?

{ 2:50pm }

questions answered

Heather answers life's nagging questions over at Harrumph today. Personally, I was just happy to roll number fourteen....

{ 12:11pm }


mahna mahna

Mahna mahna
(ba dee bedebe)
mahna mahna
(ba debe dee)
mahna mahna
(ba dee bedebe badebe badebe dee dee de-de de-de-de)


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