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Justly Married Update

I’m in awe of what’s happened with my little photo collection. Since I put up my photos and made the poster …

  • We’ve raised $894 as of now for I’ve been contacted by CafePress, and I’ve asked them to donate their take from the poster to charity, too. Stay tuned.
  • Traffic has spiked on Ephemera so much that I’m in danger of going over my monthly hosting allotment. But I’m just happy that the photos are getting seen.
  • Don from Blah3 put the photos to Lenny Kravitz and juxtaposed them with quotes from Chicago Mayor Daley. The result is this powerful flash movie.
  • I wrote a personal story about the experience of planning my wedding and watching the revolution in San Francisco at the same time called Weddings on the Brain. The feedback it’s generated has been almost totally positive. (Confidential to the one poopy person: I’m not the one who sounds bitter.)
  • One of the photos has been picked up and featured, with permission, by The photos may appear in other news outlets, too.
  • Of course there’s a MetaFilter thread going. 113 comments at last count, mostly flameless. Mostly.

I have to say: I really feel like we’re at a historic crossroads. San Francisco, Vermont, Toronto … and now Chicago, New Mexico, New York … we’re at the crest of the wave. All the arguments against same-sex marriage fall apart under any kind of scrutiny.

Some have asked why some straight guy cares about all this. It’s like my grandma says: Always look out for others, because next time it could be you. This is coming from a woman who survived being Jewish in Poland in the 1940s, so when she talks about tolerance, you listen.

I feel like I’m watching history happen, and I’ve never been prouder of my city.

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