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Archive for November 2003

Matt for Mayor

Download the window sign (80k pdf). (For any confused outta towners, I’m just poking a little fun at the Ken…

Apple and Sony: Get a room!

I wish Apple and Sony would quit this mating dance and just get a room already. Both companies are all…

Cleaning Done

Here’s what I learned about myself after three days of going through old boxes. I am the king of all…

Cleaning Bugged

It’s now almost 48 hours after the cleaning bug hit and I’ve sold an old computer and two game consoles…

Still Life With Artist

In our house lately, it’s all about Eve.

Cleaning House

What is it about an empty house and rainy weather that brings out the cleaning bug? You should see the…


San Franschizo

San Francisco is schizoid. In the runoff for mayor next month, we’ll have Gavin Newsom, who’s the closest thing we’ve…

Sign Person Five

Chieka in the Kitchen

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