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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Heather!

Three years ago today, Heather and I were married atop Tank Hill in San Francisco. Happy 3rd anniversary, baby.

links for 2007-07-17

BBC: Wish for rain to wash away Homer Q: What’s the difference between The Onion and real life?A: Mmn. Onions.…

Lmnop Bzzzzt

Lmnop does her best Hypnotoad stare.

Did Assignment Zero Work?

As readers know, I participated in Assignment Zero’s Interview Week over the last few months. Jeff Howe, who coined…

links for 2007-07-16

A day in our life Joi Ito: “My first time-lapse video. A day in our life in Inba, Chiba, Japan.”…

Get Lucky!

My wife, she’s always up to something. And this time, she’s inviting you to participate! Heather picked up a bunch…

links for 2007-07-11

33 Names of Things You Never Knew had Names My favorite one: PHOSPHENES. (tags: wordplay) Airbag: Handshake We’ve come a…

My Interview in

In May I participated in AssignmentZero’s Interview Week. The stories have been making their way online at this week,…

Rest Stop, AZ

Giga Bites

Phoenix, Arizona.

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