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Programmers are Tiny Gods

Programmers are the Gods of their tiny worlds. They create something out of nothing. In their command-line universe, they say when it’s sunny and when it rains. And the tiny universe complies.

Links for 2009-01-15: Love Life

NY Times: Anti-Love Drug May Be Ticket to Bliss Love, like everything else, has a biological component as well as…

Ignore the Content

Sometimes, when dealing with an interpersonal conflict, logically addressing the complaints is that last thing that will help. Instead, try to address the emotion behind it.

Elsewhere: Story in .net Magazine

I wrote this story for .net Magazine last year. I believe it was published in the December 2008 issue. Looks…

What’s Your Suggestion?

Critique sessions are rarely about suggesting solutions. In fact, to suggest alternatives would be insulting. It’d be like someone telling Picasso to make all those brush strokes blend in more.

Links for 2009-01-13: Publishing Perishing

Google Doesn't Have Answers for Newspapers Asking Google for help with print publishing is like asking a car dealer how…

Never Piss Off the Sound Guy

My friend Jed was the Sound Guy. We had two mics and four speakers, and it was his job to make sure everyone sounded good. With acoustic guitars and cheap equipment, it was no easy task.

Upcoming: An Event Apart

Just a scheduling note: I’ll be speaking at An Event Apart in Seattle on Tuesday 5 May. I’m going to…

I am a Jewish Atheist

And it makes perfect sense to me. The are large parts of Judaism that are about being a good person,…

2008 Personal Year in Review

January: DePo Skinny released, I geek out on copyright, Fray Busted ships, we get some press and have a reading,…

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