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MagCloud on CNBC

Maria Bartiromo talks about MagCloud with Shane Robison (CTO of HP) from the World Economic Forum, holding up a copy…

links for 2009-01-29

Sign hacker broadcasts zombie warnings Did you notice the "hacking road signs" link the other day? Other people did, too.…

Someone’s Always Listening

I was working for a tech company that will go unnamed a few years ago, and I had a bad day. A really bad day. So that night, I went out to a favorite restaurant with a couple of friends and got a bottle of wine.

links for 2009-01-27

What should happen to women who have illegal abortions? Begs the question: If even the anti-choice people think there shouldn't…

Dig My New Lamp

So there’s this awesome site called Ponoko where you can create your own laser-cut 3D products. And, even better, people…

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