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Links for 2009-02-09: Honest Expectations

Ze Frank on Setting Expectations for Contribution Based Projects I love that Ze is writing this stuff down. Keep going,…

Unsolicited Advice is a Valuable Clue

When people give you advice, they’re communicating something in between the lines. They’re telling you what their problems are. And their problems could be a preview of yours.

Save the Touchy-Feely for the Redwoods

I was the new guy at the company, I’d just met Allison, and here I was laying my feelings out for her. She probably thought I was nuts. And for good reason. I hadn’t earned the right to ask her to care how I felt.

Don’t Work for Assholes

I didn’t like him, but what did I know? Maybe this is just how the freelance web design business worked. I took the gig. It was, of course, a nightmare.

links for 2009-02-03

Infectious/Wordpress "I <3 Blogging" Contest Calling artists / designers! I'm a judge in this laptop/iphone sticker competition. Come play! (tags:…

“You gonna eat that?”

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