Since college, I've been writing less for newspapers and more for myself. I think that's how great writing happens anyway. So here's a few true-to-life stories. If you've gone through something similar, or if you've just got something to say, go ahead and tell me.

Shadow The Idea
It all started with The Idea

But it ended in shadows.

Me and Dad Tolerance
I'd like to tell you a story

My dad is not very good at keeping quiet (much like his son).

It's odd really

After weeks of tomultuous HotWired bullshit I finally get the chance to talk to my coworkers ... and all night I'm thinking of you.

1996 Welcome to 1996
Happy Fucking New Year, Indeed

As wild as it was, 1995 was still the year on my diploma.

Hood My New Neighborhood
Moving In

Everyone warned me about the Lower Haight. They thought they were doing me a favor. They weren't.

Moo! I am a Vegetarian
Here's Why

When I decided to become a vegetarian, it was for an odd assortment of reasons.

Once I wanted to be a journalist