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Let the iPod backlash begin!

With the iPod love-fest that’s been afoot in the mainstream media for the last year, the backlash was inevitable. It’s just too bad it’s taken root in a paper I usually respect.

Bleeding-heart Bay Area rag, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, has a cover story this week on our beloved iPod: What-why-where Pod. The story is critical of Apple and the iPod for not being sexy like Mick or rock ‘n’ roll enough (what-ever).

Usually I enjoy a good rant, but the article is just plain wrong in several places. For example: The iPod does not require the internet to work, only to download music and CD titles, both of which are optional.

But the allegation that’s the most annoying is that there are no independent artists in the Music Store. Hogwash! I’ve personally produced two CDs of spoken word storytelling that, thanks to independent music pioneer CD Baby, are now available on iTMS (here and here, if you’re curious).

Next time, do your homework, Guardian. Or just stick to bitching about PG&E.

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