Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

KnowSpam 300k

knowspam300kAs you might know from all my previous babblings, I use a service called KnowSpam to filter the spam out of my email. It keeps a tally of how many spam messages it’s saved me from seeing. On Monday, it crossed the threshold into 300,000.

What’s notable about this, besides the sheer volume of it, is the ever-increasing speed of the rising tide of spam. It took four months for me to hit 100k, three to hit 200k, and just two to hit 300k. At this rate I’ll hit 400k spam messages in April, 600k in May. I bet that by 27 June 2004, my one year anniversary of using the service, I’ll have hit the 1 million spam mark.

What a dubious achievement.

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