Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

The New New Thing

For the past few years, I’ve redesigned when the calendar flipped to a new year. Looking at it that way, I’m only three months and eighteen days late. Yay for me!

Welcome to the new Powazek dot com, same as the old Powazek dot com. The idea was just to break out of the bloggy thing a bit, try my best to do the standards CSS mambo, and incorporate the photo work I’m doing over at Ephemera these days (which, really, is so much more fun than anything I’ve done here lately).

I also wanted a site that explained a little better just who this Powazek guy is to newcomers. But mostly I just couldn’t stand looking at my own smirking face on this page anymore. So launch we must. I do hope you like it.

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Hi, I’m Derek. I used to make websites. Now I grow flowers and know things. I’m mostly harmless. More.