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iPhone 2.0 Wishlist


I loves me some iPhone. I got mine on day one and have used it every day since. Now the gadget blogs are atwitter about the next generation coming out in June or July. So, for whatever it’s worth, here’s what I hope to see.

The Likelies

  • Thinner, lighter, faster, more storage. Can you name an Apple product that got thicker, heavier, slower, or less storage in a second version? Me neither. (Note: I mean a version two of the same product. Discontinuing the 12″ Powerbook doesn’t count.)
  • Better reception. It’s passable in San Francisco, but my Sidekick had much better reception on T-Mobile.
  • Hardware design tweaks. The gadget sites are talking about a plastic back. I bet that’s true, in order to increase reception. I hope the thing is easier to hold on to (see below).
  • Better battery life. My iPhone is dead by the end of the day. That sucks.
  • A standard headphone jack. (The recessed metal one actually sliced my finger open once. Now that’s cutting edge tech! (Sorry. Had to say it.))

The Hopefullies

  • Fix the camera. More resolution, better image quality, faster shutter. And, dare to dream, a dedicated hardware shutter button for the camera. The iPhone has the weakest camera of any phone I’ve ever used. Even the Sidekick’s was better.
  • Video recording. If the iPhone could record video, I could stop carrying the Flip.
  • Rubbery grip. I doubt they’ll do it because it’ll clash with the Apple aesthetic, but I wish the thing was easier to hold on to. My iPhone is the most expensive thing I’ve ever dropped in the dog’s water dish. (Yes, I know I can buy a case. Not the point.)
  • Better earbuds. Again, doubt it will happen, as the iPod earbuds have sucked basically forever, but a guy can dream. (Yes, I know I can buy lots of other kinds. Also not the point.)
  • Wireless functionality. Why Bluetooth so crippled in the current incarnation is a mystery. I should be able to print, share files, and sync wirelessly.
  • Better speakers in the bottom. I actually use them a lot for music.

The Who Caresies

  • Hardcore GPS? Mkay. Exchange? Whatevs. Push email? Oh please no.

The only thing that’s absolutely certain is that, the day iPhone 2 comes out, I’ll be in line. It’s the best mobile phone I’ve ever used. I can’t wait to see what Apple does next.

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