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links for 2010-04-15

The Secret of L.A.'s 10-Year-Old Fake Freeway Sign I love this story. (tags: Signage la art hwy5)

links for 2010-04-09

Eat quads’ dust, iPad users! Joe Clark on the iPad's built-in accessibility. (And thanks for the compliment, too, Joe!) (tags:…

links for 2010-04-07

Why the iPad Is a Blank Slate, and Why That's Important Bingo. (tags: Ipad)

I created this “content” on my iPad

Here’s a quick list of what “creating content” has meant over the course of human history. Mashing up plants to…

links for 2010-04-03

Andre Torrez on "why i will be buying an ipad this weekend" Here's my version: Do it better or shut…

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