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Save the Touchy-Feely for the Redwoods

I was the new guy at the company, I’d just met Allison, and here I was laying my feelings out for her. She probably thought I was nuts. And for good reason. I hadn’t earned the right to ask her to care how I felt.

Meaning-Making Machines

Grandma Powazek once told me why she stopped making cucumber salad. She’d been chopping cucumbers when her hands started to…

Happiness Math: Yesands vs Nobuts

It took me 34 years to learn it, but I’ve finally figured out a basic mathematical principle that predicts my…

Both Sides Now

Note: In this entry, I talk about life, death, and the conclusion of Six Feet Under. Don’t read it if…

Emotions create decisions

Sometimes in the cacophony of blog noise, there’s a gem like this post from Caterina: People whose brains are damaged…

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