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San Francisco Values

I’ve lived in San Francisco for 15 years, which is 15 years more than anyone connected to this ad. San Francisco changed my life. I found a career here. I was married here. I bought property here. I’m never, ever leaving. So I think I can speak to what San Francisco Values really are. Here are a few of them.

Ten Tips on How To Be A Driver in San Francisco

A driver is not just the operator of a car. A driver is someone who knows the pulse of the roads. Someone who can navigate rush hour. Someone who can tell if the car in front is really going to turn, or just forgot their blinker was on. Someone who knows the silhouette of a speed trap from a mile away.

Three Events, Three Hats

In my continuing refusal to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I’ve got three events coming…

A Collection of Last Straws

I love our neighborhood. I loved this building. I crash-landed here at a moment of huge personal change. But that…

Fray in Today’s Papers

That’s the SF Weekly on the left and the SF Chronicle on the right. Woot! Also, the photo of me…

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