What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

Every day on the web is a mini adventure.

Weblogs are just individuals' chronicles of their digital journeys...pixlelated versions of Lewis & Clark's notebooks.

Halcyon {halcyon@cockybastard.com}


i guess i think of weblogs, and homepages in general, as on-line junk drawers. in the nicest sense of the term, of course. as in, "hey, look what i found! look at this coolio stuff! look at this neat collection that i put together, this neato list of things that represent ME!"

weblogging can be a way of nailing down one's identity, of saying "hi, this is who i am." it can be a way of saying "please love me!" it can be a way of meeting other people you might like. it can be something to take very seriously. it can be a way to play the in-crowd out-crowd game. it can be a way to debate Big Important Issues. it can be annoying. it can be fun.

me, i just like making pictures and writing down random stuff and keeping in touch with people i like.


Brig is dead-on when saying the only thing you can say about all weblogs is that they're time-based.

I've been blogging since before I knew the term, and for me it was always, very simply, a diary of ideas. I don't believe my personal life to be interesting enough to warrant a public journal. However, and excuse my immodesty, but I know I've got an interesting (and at times unique) thought approach.

I love disseminating ideas, both for reasons of proselytizing, and for bouncing notions off of other people. For me, a key element of the weblog is the feedback--and I've always tried to incorporate that feedback into my blog, to create some degree of active dialog between me and readers.

I suspect none of us would do it if we didn't get email or linked to -- it's a form of thought exhibitionism.

peterme {peterme@peterme.com}


My page is a convenience to myself and my friends. How many times have you been idly looking at this and that, and found something really interesting? Something that you wanted to show your friends?

The way it used to work, you sent an email with an obscene cc: list with all your friends on it, and all it said was "look at this! (url)". Then there was ICQ, which was nifty for awhile, but now I consider it annoying and rude. "Look at what I have to say, and look NOW, not later." But that's another subject.

So now, I don't clutter up people's inbox with crap, and they can look at what I think is interesting when the mood strikes them, or not. And they don't have to feel guilty if they don't. Once in a while I'll get an email that says, "Hey, that link WAS way cool."

That's why I do it. People are social. They have the need to share.

cft {flestrin@worldnet.att.net}

A weblog is a wacky place where I can take a taboo subject like porn and discuss it. In depth.

ThePhreak {sexlog3000@hotmail.com}


I started my weblog back in 1997 (although it only lasted a year then due to my awful work schedule), and picked it up again last year because it made my life so much easier.

Of course, in those days, it had much less elan as "Breaking News."

My weblog only tracks articles in the on-line news media, which disappear after 2, 7, 14, 18, 30 etc. days. It had become a royal pain in the butt to be putting them into the database of websites only to have to remember to take them out when the URLs no longer worked. Giving them their separate area has proven to be an extremely popular move among my frequent visitors/users.

Plus, it allowed me to be more irreverant about certain ideas than I could be in the formal web index.

I can't see a weblog, however, as ever being my primary site. It would always play a supporting role in my egotistical-little panoply of pages. There's simply too low a Julia:Content ratio.

Julia (ancient world weblog) {feedback-wthiawp@julen.net}

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