What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

Weblogs are open diaries for the curious, for the bored, for the inspiration seekers, and for the home psychologists.

Weblogs are stages for the angry, for the shy, for the socially impaired, and for the aesthetically challenged.

Roy {roysilva@mail.com}


It's a cathartic ethereal park where I can unleash these voices that fill my brain and let my gaggle of thoughts run free without having to carry along a pooper scooper. Hopefully the men in white coats won't be able to track me down.

Cat {public@feline.org}

No. I do have some writing online.

Weblogs appear to take many forms.

I think some commercial sites started as weblog-like entities, eg Mr. Cranky's movie reviews.

Here's a fact: Welog or webpage, we don't put our pages online in order NOT TO BE SEEN. Right, we WANT to be noticed, we want our comments to be read by some kind of an audience, real or imagined. We submit our urls to search engines, get them listed in weblog indices, attach them to our email:: Here I am! Here I am! And here's my webcam!

Pathetic. Human.



online diary....I love it too

ayca {adabis@demirbank.com.tr}

To me a weblog could be either put random, small thoughtpieces together or to give links to sites/content that interests you.

I think more than connecting with other people weblog to me acts as a mental bullpit, a place to remember things as I has seen them at a point in time and hone the writing skills that I possibly have.

Atul Yadav


I don't care what the hell a weblog is. It is what I say it is. Its something I update whenever I find an interesting tidbit on the web. And its fun. So there.

tallman {tallman@kaedrin.com}

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