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attention san franciscans

Just got this from Public Glass:

Public Glass is having a Holiday Sale this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local glass artists will be selling their work at very reasonable prices. There will be glass blowing demonstrations through out the day, and we will be serving up food and refreshments.

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and it only costs ten bucks

Only two days left to enter the SXSW Web Awards. Got a site that launched in 2001? Enter today!

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get moody

Moodstats is finally here! I had the privilege to serve as a beta tester for this exceptional piece of "emotional software" by the baldies at K10k. It's kind of a personal, networked mood log. You can use it on your own to record your moods over time, or synch it to the network to see how you compare to the aggregate moods of the community, or just your friends. It graphs, it annotates, it brings you coffee! And it's beautiful, too.

It's hard to explain, really. Just go download it and you'll see. Congratulations, baldies!

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dmp in

Please note that, in real life, I do not have a big question mark on my face.

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trip pic

A mirror shot from my recent travels.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but my Thanksgiving cold still lingers. And it's raining. And cold. And ... ugh.

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a story from my trip home

The woman from Florida was losing her shit.

It was eary at Ontario Airport. Early enough that the lights were still on as the sun crept into the sky. The line to the security checkpoint wound down the still escalators, through the baggage claim, and back around, past the front door, all the way to the ticketing counters in a giant U-shaped frustration.

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phlegm and bile

It's always interesting when a book that's intended for designers gets reviewed by nerds.

Also, I'm back from Claremont, and I have a cold. Achoo.

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a whole week by wednesday

So far this week I posted two excerpts to DfC, a new story to SF Stories, and a new story to {fray}. I also started a new mailing list and made a store for Kvetch.

And people say I don't work for a living.

Tomorrow I'm going home for Thanksgiving – my first Thanksgiving home in years. I plan to eat and drink myself into a stupor that will take several days to come out of. I hope you do the same.

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not ha ha funny, just funny

It's funny because it's true.

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new in sf stories

Twenty-five cents and counting

"But now my children mocked me every time I walked into the Booksmith. Those two, still sitting there. Unloved. Unread. Unpurchased."

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ho ho hum

Today I decided to try and get into the holiday spirit.

It didn't work.

merry freakin kvetchmas

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join the pow list

I'm experimenting with a little announcement list thanks to Wanna join in the fun?

[Powered by]

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javascript feeds fixed

Excuse the brief tech update: If anyone out there tried to use one of the Powazek Productions javascript feeds and wound up with a bunch of errors, try again! I just fixed a bug that should solve any javascript-related problems (thanks to Ben and Jay). Here's what the javascript feeds look like served straight up (they can be stylized on your end with CSS). That is all!

{ 11:20pm }


new powazek dot com

Say goodbye to old slidey and hello to the brand new powazek dot com, all hopped up on RSS madness.

Old slidey, you've served us well. But you hid the most important information - what's new in the network - a click away (albeit a cool slidey click). And all those javascript errors? Really, it was embarrasing. It's time we parted ways. No hard feelings, though. We can still be friends.

The best part about the new design? Automation and syndication. When there's something new in the network, it'll show up automatically. And if you'd like a Powazek feed for your own site, yup, we can handle that. Syndicate away, baby!

Now, I sleep.

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cat scratch fever

A stunning entry at Textism: "It Hurts." Reminds me of a story from my own not-so-recent past....

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danger open wire

Congrats to Jay at Openwire on his new design and ultra-smooth transition to Movable Type. And being the nice guy he is, he fully documented his experience.

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kvetch about the holidays

Like the great pumpkin, the special Kvetch holiday section made its annual reappearance today. Feels like it comes earlier every year....

{ 6:53pm }


I'm a rocker. I rock out.

If you like Diesel Sweeties (and you do know Diesel Sweeties, right?), be sure to check out the new spinoff: Indy Rock Pete Hits Indie Rock Bottom. Beautiful work. I hope they release it as a book. This is the kinda thing I want on paper.

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rss monkey is out!

RSS Monkey 1.0 is out and it just kicks so much ass. It's a personal RSS aggregator and it produces a javascript versions of the feed. No cgi? No problem.

Wanna try it? Put the following line of code on your page without any breaks and it'll produce feed of the two most recent posts to this site! (It looks like this.)

<script language="JavaScript"

You can also play with my install of the software. The design of the default templates was my contribution to the project, but the rest of the blame goes to Mister Ben Brown. Rock!

[UPDATE 11.19.01: For more info on syndicating personal log, read this!]

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loving my monkey

It seems that my RSS kvetch yesterday inspired a certain internet superstar to whip out a niftly little RSS utility, charmingly called RSS Monkey.

What does the monkey do? He installs easily (no Perl libraries required) and he's infinately configurable (using Brand Ben Brown's template buster-outer). Basically he'll suck in any RSS feed you point him at and spit it out in whatever format you decide.

I love this monkey. Check out the first-ever Powazek Productions Repository of Feeds to see the monkey go. Go, monkey! Go!

{ 1:43am }


another one for the rss geeks

The news updates at are now available in RSS. Which begs the question: Who cares?

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ii corinthians 11:19

Did you know about xrefer? It's a search engine for all kinds of literary reference materials. I just found it tonight, while looking for a good reference for a phrase that was stuck in my head.

Definitely one to bookmark.

{ 12:16am }


sittin in a tree

Only Ben & Ani can pull off being cute and cool at the same time.

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toot toot

NJ Online: Artist types ask, 'Photoshop Tennis, anyone?'

Perhaps the most infamous match occurred recently, when Heather Champ faced off against Derek Powazek. For the seventh volley, Powazek tried something new. Rather than manipulating the image with Photoshop, he printed it out, crumpled up the printout, ran outside his place in San Francisco, stapled the printout to a telephone pole, photographed it, and sent Champ the digital photo as his next volley.

In response, Champ added to the image a map from MapQuest pinpointing the spot where Powazek stapled the poster outside.

"That was the best volley in Photoshop Tennis history," Coudal said.

{ 12:25pm }

watch out for theater 13

Monsters, Inc. was a great film. Amazing digital effects, good plot, wonderful creatures, and the bonus of experiencing Billy Crystal's comedic timing without actually having to look at him.

But if you go see it, go to the latest show you can possibly find. Otherwise you'll find yourself surrounded by ... children. Sticky, noisy, sneezy children. And children are no fun to watch a movie with – even a children's movie.

And watch out for Metreon's theater 13 – I think the projectionist needs an optometrist.

{ 12:12am }


attention rss hounds

Design for Community now has an RSS feed available for syndication. It contains the three most recent front page news items, as well as links to the most recent essay and excerpt. Pretty swanky, if I do say so myself.

{ 5:14pm }


halloween in the castro

Last night was another fun-filled Halloween in the Castro.

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