Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Twittering Apple

Things I twittered during the Apple event today.

  • I can’t believe Apple expects me to pay another buck for the privilege of using a song I already bought as a ringtone.
  • “iPod Classic” is a braindead fucktard of a name. Especially for a company that’s mocked Windows for all its versions.
  • It’s clear to me that Apple’s heart is really in the iPhone now, because everything but the iPod Touch just kinda blows.
  • Ok, so now I can give Apple and the RIAA my money directly from the iPod. Oh thank goodness.
  • “Classic” is what companies call a product that they’re tired of, but can’t get rid of. Coke Classic, anyone?
  • $200 price drop on iPhone! Guess I paid the early adopter tax again. I can live with that.
  • There is not a single new iPod that comes in white. Not one. End of an era?

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