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The Longest Day of the Year

Saturday is the longest day of the year. When Heather told me this today, I thought it was a setup…

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MagCloud The project that I’ve been working on with HP Labs has launched. If you can make a PDF, you…

Introducing MagCloud and the Future of Magazine Publishing

Short attention span version: For the last year, I’ve been working with HP Labs on a very cool new project.…


We’d been wondering who was eating all the cat food, so Heather set up her camera for a time lapse.

It’s 2008. I can’t believe we haven’t figured this out.

If you read this site via RSS, you may notice that now you can only read the first couple lines instead of the whole post. That’s because apparently, amazingly, we still have not figured out how to use RSS and still abide by copyright law on the web. (You can read the rest of this post at

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