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People, We Can Do This

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of performing at Muni Diaries Live, an evening of personal storytelling about…

Announcing Plantgasm

Announcing a new site: Plantgasm! Because I love plants too much.

New Powazek Design

So as you may have noticed, there’s a new design here on the ol’ dotcom. As much as I loved…

links for 2010-11-12

The Day Steve Jobs Dissed Me In A Keynote Didn't kill me. (tags: "Didn't kill me") You Write 'Bias Journalism'…

Twitter for Adults

Congratulations on getting a Twitter account (or having one for a while)! You’re now taking part in the biggest social experiment in human history (more on that later). But just because you’re floating in a global sea of idle thoughts doesn’t mean you have to drown.

You can be a grownup and participate on Twitter, but it takes some doing. Here are the two ways I’ve found to use Twitter as an adult.

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