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So yesterday I had a bit of a rant about SEO and I’ve gotten a few common questions so I thought I’d try to answer them. Here goes.

NaBloPoMo Q&A 10: Lightning Round

At the beginning of this month, I invited questions from you to help me through NaBloPoMo. We’ve covered the mundane,…

NaBloPoMo Q&A 9: Six for Dinner

Myla asked: If you could have a dinner party and invite any six people from history (past or present), who…

NaBloPoMo Q&A 8: Never Tell a Story Like It’s Not About You

Louise asked: I was wondering if you have ever regretted your transparency on the web. Has it worked as a…

NaBloPoMo Q&A 7: Academia

Donna B. asked: We were thrilled by your presentation at NCHC today, and appreciated your challenge to academia to make…

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