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What’s Your Suggestion?

Critique sessions are rarely about suggesting solutions. In fact, to suggest alternatives would be insulting. It’d be like someone telling Picasso to make all those brush strokes blend in more.

Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

I love almost everything about the new MacBook Pros. The new “unibody” case, carved out of a single piece of…

Making Wooden Business Cards with Ponoko

Ponoko is a New Zealand-based print-on-demand service for 3D objects. I decided to give them a try by making some…

Upcoming Appearances

I’m really excited about a few upcoming appearances. I’ll be speaking on community and design at some of the best…

Fray/Threadless Loves True Stories Winner!

Fray issue 3 will be on the theme “Sex and Death” – more on that soon – and we teamed…

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