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How To Spot A Liar

I’m not going to get into the subjective nature of truth, what’s appropriate in theater, or Mr. Daisey’s seemingly pathological need to nail himself to a cross. I just wanted to share this one observation.

Making Wooden Business Cards with Ponoko

Ponoko is a New Zealand-based print-on-demand service for 3D objects. I decided to give them a try by making some…

10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments

The other day Bob Garfield had a good kvetch about dumb comments on newspaper websites on his show, On The…

How to Write a Story (for Geeks)

So maybe you’re a geek and you want to write a personal story for someplace like Fray. Writing, like life,…

Making “Hand” Bags

A while back I scored a Gocco from a friend. A Gocco is a novel screen printing kit from Japan…

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