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What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow

I’ve spent my professional career doing basically two things: making websites and making print media. It’s my hope that what Apple unleashes tomorrow is the device that finally bridges the two.

Fray Issue 3 Proofs Approved

Fray Issue 3: Sex & Death is coming soon! (Pun intended.) Subscribe now.

How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half

This week the biggest dust storm in 70 years blew through Australia, and the photos of it were stunning. So on Wednesday at noon, I decided to make a photo magazine. It was published on MagCloud Thursday night. All told, it was 31.5 hours from idea to publication, and that’s with a few hours of sleep thrown in. I think this shows the power of print-on-demand in general, and MagCloud in particular, so I wanted to share my experience and show you how you can do it, too.

Strange Light: Photos from the Australian Dust Storm

When I saw all the incredible photography coming out of the Australian dust storm, I was gobsmacked. So I invited…

This is what’s wrong with ebooks

So lemme get this straight. It costs $8.37 for me to get a book made of paper, laboriously printed on…

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