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happy birthday to me

looking up


I use the web to keep track of myself. So, in that spirit, when I look back on this moment, the moment I turned 28, here are the things I want to remember.

I am writing a book that I believe in very much. It's my first, and writing it is the hardest thing I've ever done.

I'm in love with a woman who I'm still getting to know, and we've just moved in together. My gut tells me we're at the beginning of a great adventure.

I'm about to go to Poland with my dad and step-mom and I have no idea what to expect.

My faith in friendship has been shaken lately, but I'm hoping it's only temporary.

I still live in Casa Carmelita, but in the front instead of the back. Here with me is Heather, Spoo, Chieka, Tigger, and many Freds.

Twenty-eight feels pretty old as I type this, but I'm sure that when my next birthday rolls around, it'll look pretty young. Just like every year.

I still believe.

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» Happy Birthday.

I have a feeling each new number we carry around for a year has a relative density. 28 will feel heavy now but will lighten as the year progresses.

I went to Poland (Kracow) a few years ago, it was not what I expected. It was beautiful.

Nigel Campbell

Nigel Campbell  { 5.16.01 @ 2:11am }

» When I was taking French in high school, the teacher would make us sing this for every birthday of a kid in the class that she knew about:

"Gens du pays
C'est votre tour
Vous vous laissez
Parlez d'amour."

Don't ask me what it has to do with birthdays. Maybe Heather has heard of this song or custom, though; unless, of course, the French teacher was off her rocker. Quite, quite possible.

Anyway, there you are.

– kristina  { 5.16.01 @ 5:00am }

» Happy birthday, old man. Try not to think of it as getting older, but as getting more respectable.

But then again, maybe that's worse... :)

You're absolutely right about it seeming old until you get older, though -- I turned 23 in December and still think "Dang, I'm old" until I mentally slam on the brakes, look around and force myself to get some perspective. It's not a question of whether or not you've got years behind you, but what you've done with those years that counts. As long as you can look back and either smile or grin at what you've accomplished, getting older shouldn't be cause for regret or sadness but thankfulness for the adventures you've had and optimism for what you're going to do next. And you seem to be in a pretty good position to do that, D.

Happy birthday, Derek. Keep that action figure smilin'.

Geoffrey Long  { 5.16.01 @ 5:27am }

» happie birthday, Derek. may you have a hundred more blissful years, surrounded by friends, family, people who love you, people whom you love and pets! :)

karenika  { 5.16.01 @ 6:03am }

» Happy Birthday, big brother! I am thinking about you and hope you have an absolutely incredible day. You totally deserve it. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Hopefully I will see you in California sometime this summer.

I love you lots and lots and lots!
Happy Birthday, Derek.

Jenn, your little sister  { 5.16.01 @ 6:20am }

» Dear Derek Powazek,

Happy birfday to you,
Happy birfday to you,
Happy birfday Derrrrrrrrrekkkkk,
Happy birfday to you.

Now you're almost as old as me!

JISH  { 5.16.01 @ 7:30am }

» Happy Birthday!

– Penny  { 5.16.01 @ 8:21am }

» Happy Happy Birthday!

As the great Groucho Marx once said :"You're only as old as the woman you feel!" ;-)

Sarah  { 5.16.01 @ 8:53am }

» Happy Birthday! (and enjoy those 20's while you still have a couple left.)

– Jim Wegman  { 5.16.01 @ 10:41am }

» 28?! You CHILD!!!
If you want any advice on life from an old timer, just email me on one of those new-fangled computer things.

Love you. And looking forward to everything you bring to the world this year.

– halcyon  { 5.16.01 @ 10:45am }

» Happy Birthday!

Leia  { 5.16.01 @ 11:38am }

» Happy birthday, Derek!

don't sweat 28... it's small change. believe me, i just turned 35 and that feels earth-shaking! i'm sure in a couple of years it won't seems like such a big deal, just like when you hit the mid-30's you'll be wondering why 28 felt like such a big thing.

enjoy your birthday!

Matt Coburn  { 5.16.01 @ 12:02pm }

» Derek,

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

(and by the way...enjoy!)

roe  { 5.16.01 @ 12:37pm }

» Happy birthday dear sweet wonderful Derek! Please go get birthday hugs & kisses from Heather (I emailed her lots & lots to give you since I knew you'd like that wrapping paper)

Dinah  { 5.16.01 @ 12:57pm }

» Happy birthday Derek!

I'm also, it's not my birthday, but my finals are over (as is my spring semester). But enough about me...

Twenty-eight is still pretty damn young, if you ask me. I know people who think fifty is young, so yeah, it's all a matter of how old you FEEL. (If that's the case, I'm in trouble; I feel around eighty some days.)

Enjoy this day, this year, and all the days and years to follow. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to!

Mike  { 5.16.01 @ 2:49pm }

» Hey, Happy Birthday, my fellow Taurus-dude!

Maybe this will make you feel younger: I just turned 37. I find myself irrationally tuning in to a.m. radio and actually enjoying it sometimes, the Minoxidol commercials aren't looking quite as stupid as they used to and the late night excursions on the Web are getting less and less late.

I see you having a killer year. I can hardly wait to get my hands on your new book. I hope that some of that joy that you bring to all of us is beaming it's way back to you today.

christopher naze  { 5.16.01 @ 3:42pm }

» Happy birthday.

You get older every day of your life, birthdays only come once a year, enjoy today.

– Marina  { 5.16.01 @ 4:23pm }

» Happy Birthday, Derek!

it's my birthday too :)
the difference is I turned 20. everyone's mourning the ending of my teens :P

really, I don't think you should feel old till you're like erm 50. though mom was sad when she turned 40...*shrugs* for guys it's different. they always seem to look better as they age, so cheers!

Amber  { 5.16.01 @ 6:43pm }

» How can I miss wishing my new Taurean friend?! Like you are anticipating, the next 28 years of your life is going to be special with more good things happening to you with your new girl friend around. And no, you must have faith in friendships even if some have left a bitter taste in your mouth!
We are there for you, Derek!
One thing I have in common with you for sure- Its that I will turn 28 too this Ocober. We aren't old, we are just getting wiser!
Happy Birthday, Derek and loads of hugs

– anisha bordoloi  { 5.16.01 @ 10:46pm }

» I'm late - but not any less enthusiastic about wishing you a happy birthday.

– mirmaid  { 5.16.01 @ 10:53pm }

» Hmm...that looked odd. Happy Birthday, Derek!!

(Late *and* goofy...)

– mirmaid  { 5.16.01 @ 10:54pm }

» happy belated birthday, derek.

sounds like life is treating you ok. thank you for inspiring me over the last 4 years or so, and here's looking forward to everything you give us in the years to come.

in other words, what halcyon said. ;-)

clive  { 5.17.01 @ 2:11am }

» happy day derek.

just checking in and what a surprise.

you're a fine example :-)

– jeff jack  { 5.17.01 @ 6:58am }

» happy days and many returns. glad to hear the book is going well

– j hodgman  { 5.17.01 @ 7:36am }

» Happy Birthday, Derek....

28 was quite a memorable year for just happened to be the year we got an internet connection at the house, which enabled me to reach out from amongst the rice fields of central Japan and discover the Fray.

May you make many discoveries as fantastic and wonderful as that in your 28th year!

I have thanked you before for little things, like t-shirts, links to This American Life, and creating a virtual space for Bernal Heights...but on the eve of my flight to the Bay Area I find I must thank you again.

You see, I am reuniting with someone who makes my heart whole.

Someone who I misplaced for over 15 years.

Someone who found me through a search that led, of all places to a post on the Fray.

If you hadn't have created it, well...who knows?

So, Happy Birthday, and a thousand and 28 thanks.

– ShyQ.  { 5.17.01 @ 8:27pm }

» I am late!!...

I am a student in taiwan!

(hush!!...I am twenty years old!!) young

................happy birthday..........HaHa!!

– nmin  { 5.18.01 @ 1:05am }

» happy belated birthday, derek. *smile*

it's been a year since i originally started traipsing through your site, smiling at your ice-cream coffee, and coming time and time again. but... it really doesn't seem that long. time flies when you are enjoying life.

i hope you had a wonderful, smiley, and sunny birthday and that your year continues in the same vein.

p.s. i just noticed your disclaimer-- i like it. psychology would call you a humanitarian :)

– amy  { 5.20.01 @ 11:59am }

» Belated Happy Birthday, each year is a gift of its own and can not be respent. My wish is that you will be blessed with many more to come and all will enjoyed to the fullest.

vanderwal  { 5.22.01 @ 8:13pm }


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