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Archive for April 2006

What I’m Up To Now

Two months ago, I posted about leaving Technorati and starting a design studio. I also lamented how hard it was…

The Wisdom of Browse

There’s some drama afoot lately as bloggers pick apart Digg’s user-controlled editorial system, looking for evidence of editors lurking in…

Attention Daily Show

Attention Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Hire this man immediately. Don’t make me beg.

Design for Selfishness

In 1996, Paulina Borsook wrote a story that, frankly, really pissed me off. In “Cyberselfish,” published in Mother Jones and…

Death to User-Generated Content

Dear internet, Can I make a suggestion? Let’s all stop using the phrase “user-generated content.” I’m serious. It’s a despicable,…

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